Collapsed and unconscious = start simple CPR!

Members of the public and bystanders have little to fear from legal threats if attempting to provide CPR. Information on the Australian Emergency Law blog makes it clear that there has never been a successful law suit brought against a person for trying to revive someone using CPR. From a first aid perspective it’s simple: if a collapsed person is unconscious and not breathing – start CPR immediately and you dramatically raise their odds of survival. And CPR guidelines for the public have been simplified – compress the chest to 1/3 depth (whether for adult or child) and push to the beat of “stayin alive” by the Bee Gees. If there’s a defibrillator nearby send someone to get it – the defib will talk you though how to use it. Keep CPR going until an ambulance arrives.

With thanks to Dr Michael Eburn/Australian Emergency Law

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