Avenza Maps Upload Instructions

How to upload Event Geo Files to the Avenza App on your smartphone.

Avenza Maps is an offline mapping app which uses GPS location data to help you locate yourself without requiring an internet or mobile data connection. The app is free to download and offers a large range of public-use maps which can be used offline to orientate and locate yourself using your smartphones inbuilt GPS.

At Event Safety Services, we create real-time moving maps which can be uploaded to the Avenza App and used to assist course setters, support vehicles and event directors while out in the field. Our Event Geo Files are imbedded with information that is integral to running remote events, such as aid station locations, checkpoints and so forth.

We have created a handy list of instructions to assist you in uploading the Event Geo File you require to your smartphone. These instructions are available for Apple, Android and Windows devices: